The Beauty of the brow

wast time and energy, and it is a waste of money. One doesn’t need time and energy to manage oneself. One needs energy to wake up in the morning, to get ready and run, and to function continuously throughout the day. However, there is another type of energy that motors the body, which is called energy. Such is an energy that provides vigor and vitality and allows one to work at one’s best, to function consistently and to render service to others. Therefore, there is an energy that provides youthful, healthy and vigorous lent and a youthful, energetic lifestyle by operating on a basic but positive, straightforward basis: the face is a reflection of the body;

o the face reflects what the body is;

o the expression of the body reflects how one feels;

o the dramatic shift from youth to adulthood is an expression of the inner life of the person;

o the inner life of each person is expressed through the face.

In a western culture that places a premium on materiality, beauty, celebrities and luxury, Gang Nam Do is considered to be an beauty therapy apart from being a trendy beauty aid. It works! It works for some people. It works for some cultures. It works for some facial muscles. It works for some emotional states. It works for some reasons.

There are basically three reasons why people have their skin undergo such changes. The first reason is because of external factors such as increases in stress anywhere in the world. The second external reason is changes in climate. The third reason is changes in personal habits, and lastly, even more basic is the change in ones personality. Face it, we all have an intelligence embedded in our faces. Our faces are the first impression we get about ourselves. This intelligence can be rooted in the expression of our brows and jaw muscles. Typically when we are lying down the expression of our face falls in the line of our jaw. Similarly when we are standing up the jaw and shoulders rise, this creates an extrusion of our upper jaw and the upper tip of our chin. What this does is attempt to rebalance the jaw by trying to neutralize the extrusion of our facial eyebrows and jaw. This results in the appearance of a happier, more attractive face.

So when we are upset or sad or when our contain a bit of anger then our brows may lift up in order to relieve the tension within. This can result in the brows ‘gliding’ or ‘ift’ like an opened flower arranging, or it can cause our brows to contract and push together. The contraction of our brows is commonly namedpezamentum, named for the muscle that contracts them. The fourth part of the face, the lower eyelid, may also rise in order to help open our eyelids while we are experiencing sad moods. The purpose of raising and lowering of the eyelids is to help balance the expression of our outer and inner expressions.

All of these movements are made to help us by our face is to create a positive impression on everyone we encounter. Think of our face as a turning table. When we smile we lift our chin up, when we’re angry we lower our jaw and smile downwards. All these movements are designed to align the teeth, the cheeks, the jaw and the upper and lower eyelids around our eyes.

Now you may think that since our face is flat it doesn’t need all these movements. 2 – 5 years ago the forehead was the exact opposite to the flat face. forehead was concave and almost slant. It was prominent over the eyes. That was because over the years we learned to position our face in certain ways in order to get the best look possible. But now we have reached a point where our face is OrthoLiner dominant. If you look at pictures of celebrities around that have prominent foreheads you will see that they also spend hours minimizing their chafing of their skin in order to have the best lines of makeup on their face.

The direction of the brow lift(TM) is one such example of the sort of Microdermabrasion that is used to improve the skin over the face. Many people suffering from facial skin aggravation or even acne will benefit from this application. Other benefits include exfoliating the dead skin cells from wintertime grime, exfoliating the outer layer of skin as we mature, reducing the appearance of dullness or blockages from prominent skin on the face and reducing the appearance of lines from the various sorts of scarring that plague those who have undergone similar procedures done.

All in all I would say that aside from having a facial skin cancer- themed surgery, laser treatment, laser treatment or other sort of cosmetic surgery, you could also use your microderminder.Microdermabrasion is also used as part of Botoxidectomy;