Luxurious Gangnam Spa Offers Unique Ginseng Treatment

Gangnam, Seoul – Nestled within the impressive facade of the KT&G building, an unexpected oasis awaits those in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. The luxurious “(오뚝이안마) Ottokee Anma”, previously known as “Jungkwanjang SPA G” and recently renamed “SPA 1899”, presents a novel spa treatment infused with the benefits of ginseng.

Conveniently operational until 10 PM, the spa caters to professionals and city-dwellers looking for a soothing escape after a long day. And the most tantalizing draw? Their exclusive use of ginseng, a staple in many Koreans’ diets and a renowned superfood celebrated for its myriad health benefits.

Upon entering, one is met with a luxuriously appointed reception area, and the expert staff ensures a seamless spa experience, from temperature checks to personalized service recommendations. To further enhance its global appeal, the spa has incorporated bilingual services, with proficient English-speaking staff that surprises and delights international visitors.

For those familiar with the healing properties of ginseng when consumed, Ottokee Anma offers a double benefit – the chance to experience ginseng as a topical treatment. As one satisfied client shared, “I always consume ginseng, but applying it on the body felt like a double effect. It’s such a unique ingredient not even used in renowned Southeast Asian spas.”

Guests are pampered from start to finish. Before treatments begin, visitors are treated to a ginseng tea, skillfully brewed from a 6-year-old concentrated ginseng extract, available either warm or cold. The drink, devoid of the typical bitterness, provides a pleasant prelude to the spa journey.

One of the spa’s premier treatments is the ‘Body Focus Care’. Priced at KRW 121,000 for an hour, the treatment promises a holistic healing experience. As clients lay on soft towels, therapists begin with dry body adjustments, ensuring proper posture before proceeding with a massage blended with organic oils and the star ingredient – ginseng oil.

The comprehensive massage covers the back, front, upper, and lower body, ensuring that clients are thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. A unique touch? The incorporation of latex pillows for superior comfort during the massage. Feedback from guests indicates the massage strikes the perfect balance, neither too firm nor too soft.

But it’s not just the treatments that shine. Thoughtful touches, like the availability of masks, the soothing sounds of meditation music, and the ambient humidifier, elevate the experience. As one guest reflected, “Such intricacies turned my mundane Monday into a memorable one.”

Post-treatment, guests can pen down their feedback while indulging in more ginseng tea and snacks. A favorite among many? The delicious jujube chips, which are generously portioned and perfect for a post-relaxation snack.

Adding to the charm of the establishment, there’s a partitioned space between the spa and reception where guests can further relax. An observant guest noted the presence of a lady in gym attire, sparking curiosity about potential collaborations between the spa and nearby fitness centers.

In conclusion, Ottokee Anma isn’t just another luxury spa in Gangnam; it’s a bridge between traditional Korean wellness and modern luxury. A true testament to spa artistry, it’s no wonder that both locals and international visitors flock to this hidden gem, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a world-class spa experience in Seoul.

A Luxurious Retreat in 대치동: 강남안마 오뚝이안마 Experience

Imagine a haven right in the heart of 대치동, a place where your senses are awakened, and your body rejuvenated. Welcome to 강남안마 오뚝이안마.

The Allure of the Spa

Introduction to 강남안마 오뚝이안마

This spa, nestled within the sophisticated KT&G building, offers a unique blend of modern luxury and traditional Korean wellness rituals, promising an experience like no other.

The Magic of Red Ginseng

Heard of consuming ginseng for its numerous health benefits? How about infusing it in a spa treatment? The rich antioxidants and rejuvenating properties of red ginseng, both consumed and applied, create a double effect, ensuring optimal fatigue recovery.

First Impressions

The Establishment’s Exterior

At first glance, the KT&G building doesn’t hint at the luxurious spa oasis that lies within. But isn’t it often said that real treasures are hidden?

Parking and Entrance

Easy parking on the 3rd basement floor ensures a hassle-free start. An elevator without internal buttons (a calling type) adds a touch of uniqueness, leading you to the 2nd basement level, where the spa’s entrance awaits.

Immersing in the Luxurious Ambiance

Reception and Reservations

On entering, the opulent reception area catches the eye. Details about various programs and prices are transparently displayed, ensuring clarity from the onset. The right section of the spa is where the magic begins.

Services and Offerings

Products from 동인비 are used in all treatments, with a 10% discount offered for in-shop purchases. As you confirm your reservation, the attentive staff measures your temperature and has you fill out a chart.

The Experience

Choosing the Right Treatment

Among the numerous offerings, I opted for the single care “Body Focus” treatment. For an hour’s session, it is priced at 12.1만원. This treatment promised relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Treatment Process

Body Focus Care Insights

The journey began with a trip to the restroom, pristinely maintained. The corridors leading to the treatment rooms emanate serenity, preparing you for the experience ahead. Within the room, the process of changing into the provided attire is straightforward.

The Therapist’s Expertise

The treatment started with a gentle dry body rub, followed by a blended massage using red ginseng oil and organic oil. The massage covered both anterior and posterior of the body, ensuring a holistic relaxation.

Switching to the supine position, a latex pillow offers comfort, and upon request, the therapist adjusts the pressure of the massage strokes. The serene atmosphere, accompanied by soft meditation music, enhances the overall experience.

Concluding the Experience

Final Refreshments and Relaxation

Post-treatment, you are invited to relax and sip on 정관장 red ginseng tea, either hot or cold based on your preference. As a finishing touch, delicious 대추칩 (jujube chips) satisfy your slight hunger.

Feedback and Takeaways

Before leaving, the spa encourages guests to provide feedback on their experience. This spa, with its luxurious ambiance, meticulous service, and excellent treatments, feels like a hotel-grade retreat right in the heart of 대치동.


In today’s fast-paced world, moments of relaxation are crucial. 강남안마 오뚝이안마 in 대치동 offers an unmatched spa experience that pampers your body, soothes your mind, and rejuvenates your soul. If you’re looking for a luxurious escape in the city, this is the place to be.


  1. Where is 강남안마 오뚝이안마 located?
    • Within the KT&G building in 대치동.
  2. What is special about the treatments offered?
    • The spa utilizes the rejuvenating properties of red ginseng in its treatments.
  3. How long are the treatment sessions?
    • They offer various durations, but the Body Focus treatment lasts for an hour.
  4. Can I purchase the products used during the treatments?
    • Yes, products from 동인비 are available for purchase with a 10% discount.
  5. Is there any post-treatment relaxation?
    • Absolutely! You can relax and enjoy red ginseng tea and snacks post-treatment.

Discovering the Luxury Spa Experience in the Heart of the City Gone are the days when spas were just about massages. Enter the new era where luxury meets tradition, bringing a holistic experience for the mind, body, and soul. Today, we journey through one such oasis in the bustling heart of the city.

A Convenient Escape Located conveniently amidst commercial establishments, the spa offers an easy retreat for professionals. Even with late work hours, there’s no excuse to miss out on some self-pampering, with their doors open till 10 pm.

The Red Ginseng Difference While most spas boast about their organic infusions and therapeutic oils, this spa ups its game using red ginseng. Not just for consumption anymore, applying ginseng directly to the skin promises double the benefits, making it an enticing choice for those in the know.

Navigating Your Way Hidden inside the KT&G building, one might wonder, “A spa here?” But as you descend into the third basement, a serene world unfolds. A unique elevator system without inside buttons adds a touch of modernity to the experience.

Redefining the Experience: SPA 1899 Previously known as 정관장 SPA G, SPA 1899 has rebranded, yet maintains its signature quality. And here’s some good news for the wallet-conscious – it accepts the national support funds, making luxury affordable.

The Welcoming Reception On entering, guests are welcomed by a posh reception area. With detailed program guides and pricing clearly displayed, the spa ensures transparency right from the get-go.

Exclusive Products and Discounts While the treatments themselves are worth the visit, the spa’s use of premium Donginbi products makes the experience truly top-notch. And should you wish to extend this experience at home, a 10% discount on in-shop purchases awaits.

Beginning Your Journey Post check-in, visitors are served a unique red ginseng tea, made from a 6-year-old ginseng concentrate. With no bitterness, one can choose between a warm or cold serving. For those looking to enhance their spa experience, there are additional benefits and packages based on pricing.

Personalized Body Focus Treatments A notable mention is their one-hour body focus treatment. Priced at 12.1K won, this service offers a detailed attention to both front and back of the body. A clean restroom facility ensures you can freshen up before embarking on this journey.

The Path to Relaxation Walking down the elongated corridor, individual rooms beckon. Changing rooms with secure lockers and bilingual instructions cater to international clientele. The presence of English and Chinese directions indicates a diverse visitor base.

The Red Ginseng Massage Using a blend of red ginseng and organic oil, the body massage is therapeutic. Guests are then positioned comfortably on latex pillows during the face-up segment. The spa’s therapists ensure the right pressure, guaranteeing both relaxation and muscle relief.

Creating a Holistic Ambiance From a well-maintained humidifier ensuring skin stays moist to the meditative background music, every element here is curated to perfection. After treatment, guests can provide feedback, rounding off with another serving of red ginseng tea and snacks.

The Finishing Touches Between the main area and the reception, partitioned sections allow for relaxation. With facilities resembling a hotel-grade spa, this establishment truly lives up to its reputation.

In conclusion, for those seeking a spa experience that blends luxury with tradition, this city oasis awaits. Whether it’s the red ginseng treatments, the impeccable service, or the modern amenities, it’s a holistic retreat right in the heart of the urban jungle.

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How does 오뚝이안마 differentiate itself from other spas in 대치동?

  • With its unique 홍삼 treatments and late-night availability, 오뚝이안마 stands a class apart.

What are the known benefits of 홍삼 when applied topically?

  • 홍삼, when applied to the skin, can offer hydration, anti-aging properties, and improved blood circulation.

Is 오뚝이안마 suitable for first-time spa-goers?

  • Absolutely! The spa prides itself on catering to both novices and seasoned spa aficionados.

How frequently should one visit for optimal benefits?

  • While even a single visit can be rejuvenating, regular sessions, depending on individual needs, can be more beneficial.

Can 홍삼 treatments be combined with other spa therapies?

  • Yes, 홍삼 treatments can be paired with other therapies for a comprehensive spa experience.

What’s the best time to visit 오뚝이안마 for a less crowded experience?

  • While evening hours are popular, early night visits, just post their opening, can be quieter.


The luxury, the expertise, and the unique 홍삼 treatments make 강남안마 오뚝이안마 | 고급스러운 대치동 스파 an unmatched sanctuary for those seeking a slice of tranquility in 대치동.